Artist's Statement


I’m a versatile painter who works in oils and watercolors. My unique biography reveals a solid technique to create an original body of work. A nontraditional technique brings further variety to my paintings through the use of vibrant colors.

With the unique combination of elements, I bring artistic ability and personal credibility of originality to my work. Such a range of influences from Fiji, Tahiti and the Caribbean serves to broaden my work. I am inspired by the bright flowers and florals seen in the those tropical locations. My love of bright colors is what draws me to these places. Sometimes I paint from an idea in my head and not from a picture.

My greatest challenge in creating watercolor is making sure that there are no wet spaces so that they do not run, I do not have this problem with oil paints. But with that said it is a nice feature in watercolor when I want to have shadows or a blemish on a leaf and the colors will bleed. I believe my paintings are unique by the bright and vibrant colors. This is what tells you it is my painting.

I was mentored by a great artist Jude Mathis. She taught me not be afraid of color. That it is ok to be bold in your paintings they will standout and people will like them. She called me her “wild child” because my paintings were always so bright and vibrant. I hope people enjoy my art bringing them happiness and peacefulness.





A review of Joanie Evarts's latest pices reveals that Joanie's very vibrant colors brings out her personality.

Brightly colored birds, amazing florals all influenced from the many topical islands that she has visited. Eash piece conveys a sense of serenity and peacefulness to the collector. Joanie's use of bold colors and naturalistic shapes that reflect her artist eye to her paintings in her world of imagination. The paintings take the viewer from their busy life into a new and wonderful vibrant colorful life.

Joanie's  personal journey as an artist began at an early age. Born in the late 1940's in Taft, the oil fields of California, Joanie showed a great promise with her art.

"When I was 8 I began to draw anyone who would sit still long enough for me to draw them. I still have the drawing of my Grandfather."

"When I was in high school I won a drwing contest that could have given me a scholarship to an art school." She didn't pick up painting again unil she was married. She was then a member of the San Juan Capistrtano Art Association. After a few years her husband was transfered to Oregon and there they started a family. At this time her art career went on hold.

Once her children were in college she started a watercolor class but the colors were so light she did not like the way they looked. She then found Jude Mathis, her painings were so bright and vibrant she fell in love with them. She learn Jude was going to teach a class in Canyon Lake, she sign up immediately and then took several more classes from her. Jude called her"her wild student" because of there vibrant colors.

Joanie joined the Canyon Lake Art Association and proceede to become the president.The Association held several art shows a year. She also joied the Temecula Valley Art League. This art association is also a very active having several art shows year.

Her paintings have been displayed at the Riveside Art Museum where several have been sold.  

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